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Amanda Graves

Amanda Graves is the owner and artist of Dark Arts Tattoo Studio. Clearly the name can be revealing as to how much she loves Harry Potter. Amanda has a bright & bold style. She specializes in glitter tattoos with fun colors. Click the IG link below to view her portfolio!

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Brittany Lang

Brittany Lang is a seasoned artist in the Dark Arts family. She specializes in bright bold fun color tattoos, usually pun related! Click the IG link below to visit her portfolio!


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Michaela Marceline

Michaela has joined the Dark Arts Family as of January 2020. She is versatile is a few styles, but has the most fun with

bright, colorful and glittery designs. Her

art style is new school traditional with some art nouveau inspiration. Click the IG link below to visit her portfolio!


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Nix Forbes

Nix has joined the Dark Arts Family in May of 2020. He went to art school and is a super talented illustrator! Click the IG link below to visit his portfolio!


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Angela Nichole

Angela has always had a passion for art, she made the jump from cake decorating/ bakery life to tattooing in 2021 and hasn't looked back. If you're a fan of fine line and illustrated frilly things, Angela is your gal. 


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Paige Hunter

Paige is an amazing colorful & cutesy artist. She was an already established artist and recently made the jump into tattooing.

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Chris Magnaterra

Chris is our anime artist at Dark Arts! After tattooing in the heart of Baltimore City for over a year, he decided to join us! He specializes in cartoons, anime, and other fun stuff!

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Samantha Johnson

Sam is our artist who specializes in ombre powder eyebrows. She has outdone herself on reshaping, evening, and bringing eyebrows to life. She can fix previous work as well. Samantha doubles as a professional make up artist as well. Shes a mommy, loves the witchy vibe, & is super talented!

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Kyra Cygan

Kyra has really outdone herself on precise line work, smooth shading, and versatility. She loves to travel and  has the sweetest personality! Click the IG link below to visit her portfolio!

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Demetrius (Meech)

Demetrius also known as Meech, is our most recent artist to join the Dark Arts family. He loves doing mandalas, geometric, & stipple, but really is a jack of all trades and will take on most projects. He's a family man, with his daughter the focus of his world outside of tattooing. To book with him, please click the instagram button and send a DM, or click the email button!

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Meg is our little tattoo newbie to the shop! She goes by "eightleggedmeg" on socials simply because of her love for insects and her super unique style! She has a dark and illustrative twist she puts on her designs, giving each client a custom & beautiful piece of art.

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