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Amanda Graves
Booking Info

  • Info:

  • Thank you for inquiring! Currently I only take projects with full creative freedom. I style all my tattoos with glitter, rainbow elements/hearts/sparkles, and mostly bigger pieces. My color palette focuses on neons/bright colors. I do not take any reworks, cover-ups, or lettering. Placements are usually only arm (outside), lower arm, upper leg, & lower leg. There is no longer a waitlist. If you haven't heard back, we encourage you to reapply. I will be posting things I would like to do on my IG story every other week, so feel free to wait for those to submit :)

  • Pricing: 

    Pricing is given at a flat rate, and will range based on design, placement and time. Depending on the detail of the design, 4” is usually around 2 hours, 6” is around 3-4, 8” is around 4-5, and 10” is a full day. Prices can range from $500-$1700 depending on size. I will have my booking manager give you a price when we book! The deposit will be $150 and is non-refundable. Please only inquire if able to make a deposit right away.

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